The Maternal Unmentionable: Writing from the Shadows of Motherhood

The Maternal Unmentionable: Writing from the Shadows of Motherhood


This course will dig into the gritty, dark, sometimes surreal aspects of motherhood—the things no one is supposed to mention but every mother whispers into the dark after everyone is asleep.

Topics may include the gruesome and emotionally vulnerable. If there is student interest, we can also discuss what it means to write as a mother and what challenges this presents to your writing as both an art and a career.

This is a judgment-free zone, so bring those things you wrote in a sleep-deprived haze or finally give that version of yourself a voice.

October 1-28 Online

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Teaching Artist


Heather Knox

Heather Knox is the author of the poetry collection Dowry Meat (Words Dance Publishing) and the forthcoming young adult fiction series Vampire Wars (EPIC Escape). Her poetry has appeared inColumbia Poetry Review, [PANK], decomP magazinE, Word Riot, and others places. She earned her MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writers' Workshop in 2013. Heather currently teaches online as an adjunct professor for Southern New Hampshire University and serves as Managing Editor for The Wardrobe (Sundress Publications).