A Sparer Clarity: Objectivist Poetics

A Sparer Clarity: Objectivist Poetics


Lorine Niedecker, Louis Zukofsky, George Oppen--these three stand out as perhaps the best remembered of a clutch of poets who shared a minimalist approach to the imagistic poem. In the wake of Pound and Williams, the Objectivists took their appreciation for the everyday to its furthest conclusion, dignifying the mundane with a level gaze and an impatience with metaphor.

In this workshop, we will study and imitate Objectivist habits. Each week will feature another technique as we learn more about the group, measure the depth of its contribution, and search for its descendants.

June 4 - July 1 (Online)

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Teaching Artist


Joshua Davis

Joshua holds an MFA from the University of Mississippi, an MFA from Stonecoast at the University of Southern Maine, and an M.A. from Pittsburg State University. A former Grisham fellow, he has taught fiction, poetry, and multi-genre workshops. His poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Goblin Fruit, The Warwick Review, and The Glass Seed Annual. He lives in Athens, Ohio, where he's pursuing a Ph.D. in Literature at Ohio University.

Art: Alessandro-Gottardo