Rebel Poet: Philippe Petit

Rebel Poet: Philippe Petit


“Suspended between the tangible and the ephemeral, I find myself pondering: Would anyone but a crazed bicephalous being, half engineer, half poet, willingly shackle himself to a venture of such magnitude? I am a prisoner of my dream.”

—Philippe Petit, Man on Wire

“Creativity takes courage.”

—Henri Matisse

Join renowned high-wire artist Philippe Petit in a lively impromptu conversation on creativity and risk-taking, and hear him read his first published poem!

As chronicled in his Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire, Mr. Petit is best known for accomplishing what has been called the “artistic crime of the century,” a breathtaking, illegal high-wire walk between New York City’s former Twin Towers.

Petit says walking on that cable was an effort to “extend the boundaries of poetry.” Petit’s book Creativity: The Perfect Crime reveals new and unconventional ways of going about the artistic endeavor—from generating and shaping ideas to practicing and problem-solving to pulling off the coup itself—executing a finished work.

A limited number of tickets are available. Directions/parking Information provided upon registration.

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Philippe Petit

High Wire Artist Philippe Petit writes, draws, performs close-up magic, practices lock-picking and eighteenth century timber framing, plays chess, studies French wine, gives lectures on creativity, directs theater plays and tightrope master classes, is an accomplished pickpocket, and was once sighted bullfighting in Peru.

Philippe, an Artist in Residence of the Cathedral St John the Divine, is currently developing his second one-man show: HIGH DEFINITION in which he will perform on the high wire. His most dear project is RAPA NUI WALK- on an inclined cable set on Easter Island, in homage to the Rapa Nui and their giant stone statues known as Moai.

Photo: Francesco Scavullo