Nature's Brushstroke: The Art of Haiku

Nature's Brushstroke: The Art of Haiku


September 2, 2-4 PM

Haiku are short unrhymed poems about everyday experiences and/or observations, typically associated with a particular season or time of year, a record of a moment of emotion in which human nature is linked to all nature. Jane Hirshfield writes that to read a haiku is to become its coauthor, to place yourself inside its words until they reveal one of the shapes of your own life.

Come write with one of today’s most respected and beloved contemporary haiku practitioners, John Stevenson, editor of the Heron’s Nest, a quarterly journal publishing the best in haiku since 1999. This very special workshop is free with your purchase of a festival pass, starting at $22.50 per day using the code GETLIT at checkout.

Please note: Your festival pass must be purchased separately.

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John Stevenson

John Stevenson was born in Ithaca, New York, and now lives near Albany. He is a former president of the Haiku Society of America, former editor of Frogpond, and currently serves as managing editor of The Heron’s Nest. He is a founding member of the Route 9 Haiku Group, which has published the semiannual anthology Upstate Dim Sum since 2001.

His haiku-related publications include Something Unerasable (self-published, 1996), Some of the Silence (Red Moon Press, 1999), Quiet Enough (Red Moon Press, 2004), Live Again (Red Moon Press, 2009), and d(ark) (Red Moon Press, 2014). His poems and books have won numerous awards in most of the leading haiku contests. In 2015, he also codirected the Haiku North America conference at Union College in Schenectady, New York. John is also the 2018–2019 honorary curator of the American Haiku Archives at the California State Library in Sacramento.