The Prose Poem: Exploration, Surrealism and Play

Flex those writing muscles and test your poetic voice through the special space the prose poem allows, and join us for a month-long exploration of this rich and varied form.

In this workshop, we will examine the challenges and freedoms a prose poem offers compared to lined verse while discussing the tendency towards surrealism in prose poetry--how prose poets often (not always) turn reality on its head or tell a not-so-narrative story. We will probe the porous, shifting boundary between poetry and prose: how to walk that tenuous tightrope without falling off! 

We will be exploring an array of contemporary practitioners of this genre, such as Janet Kaplan, Charles Simic, Christine Boyka Kluge, Russell Edson, Morton Marcus, and Zachary Schomburg, to name just a few.

Each week, a variety of prompts will ask you to try out this form in diverse ways so that you can stretch your poetic voice and range. Both newcomers to this form and experienced prose poets will have produced an exciting, and hopefully surprisingly new, selection of work by the end of the month. Detailed feedback will be offered for each weekly poem submitted by participants.

Teaching Artist: Alexandra van de Kamp
Four Weeks / $200