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Back to the Garden: Revisioning Myth


All writers are in a constant dialogue with everything that has been written before them. Our writing is shaped, consciously or unconsciously, by great literature and inherited culture. These influences are a rich mine of tradition that begs to be re-visioned and made fresh. Anne Sexton explores fairy tales in her brilliant book of poems, Transformations. The poems in Ted Hughes' Crow are informed by an Irish Epic called The Tain. Anne Carson's poetry is deeply informed by Sappho, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Homer.

Women writers have been reclaiming myth and traditional literature from the viewpoint of the female characters in them, as does Louise Gluck in The Triumph of Achilles when she tells the story of Odysseus' visit in the voice of Circe. Men are examining their own rites of passage in the myths that have been handed down to them, revisioning traditional ideas of manhood, as does Christopher Logue in War Music.

This workshop will provide exercises that open writers to the possibilities of rediscovering their conscious and unconscious sources through poetry.

Four weeks / $250
Teaching artist: Doug Anderson

Earlier Event: January 8
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